Training of search and rescue dogs

Enjoying the work and having a strong set of nerves are required to become a lifesaver.

Why our dogs are among the best in the world

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Deployment of search and rescue dogs

Search and rescue dog work is a challenging and responsible task for both humans and dogs.

Search and rescue specialties


The dog follows the scent on the ground left by the missing person’s footprints.

Area Search

The canine follows up the airborne human scent to the lost person, through rough terrains or forests.

Rubble Search

Collapsed buildings are searched by the dog in­dependently for buried victims, for ex­am­ple after earth­quakes or gas ex­plo­sions.

Avalanche Search

The search and rescue dog scans the ava­lanche field for human scent traces under the masses of snow.

Water Rescue

Acting as a helper to its handler, the swim­ming pup pulls people in distress ashore.


The dog smells a scent article (e.g. T-shirt) of the missing person and then precisely follows the individual trail.

Recent missions

Successful search mission in Italy

The search for a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease ended successfully thanks to Labrador dog Bolina and dog handler Daniela.


Search for young missing boy

A four-year-old disappeared unnoticed. For five days there was no trace of him.


Mudslide after heavy rain

Search and rescue dog teams from our Japanese member organisation RDTA assisted in the search for missing persons.