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About us

What is the aim of the IRO?

How many members do you have?

Where does the funding come from?

How much does an IRO Trainer earn?

Does the IRO help dogs in need?

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SAR Dogs

When are search and rescue dogs needed?

Why are they so vital in rescue operations?

In which areas are search and rescue dogs deployed?

How often do missions occur?

Do the dogs also go on international missions?

Can any dog be a search and rescue dog?

What is required of a dog handler?

Which breeds are qualified as search and rescue dogs?

How long does the training take?

How often do search and rescue dog teams train?

How can I start the training?

How much does the training cost?

Where do the dogs live and who owns them?

Are search and rescue dogs retiring?


How can I support the IRO?

What happens with my donation?

Is there a minimum amount for donations?

How can I support permanently?

Which means of payment can I use?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Do I receive a donation receipt?

What do I have to do if my personal data has changed?

How can I suspend or cancel regular giving?

How can corporations help?


Which conditions apply for admission?

Can I become a member of the IRO as a dog handler?

What are the benefits of an IRO Membership?

Which duties do IRO Members have to fulfil?

How can I subscribe to the IRO Specialist Newsletter?


Are there any SAR dog demonstrations from time to time?

Can I participate in testing events as a non IRO Member?

What is the purpose of dog sporting events for SAR dogs?