17.06.2022Successful search mission in Italy

On 16 June 2022 at 6.00 a.m., the IRO member organisation Associazione Regionale Cani Utilità Sardegna (A.R.C.U.S.) was asked by the Regional Operations Centre of the Civil Defence to help in the search for an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer's disease who had disappeared from a retirement home in the municipality of Uta (Cagliari / Sardinia).


A team of A.R.C.U.S. immediately drove to the scene and two search and rescue dog teams started the search in the assigned areas after a short briefing. At 6.50 a.m., Labrador dog Bolina, led by Daniela Tomasi, indicated a find near a heavily overgrown drainage canal. And indeed, Bolina had discovered the severely weakened and disoriented woman lying on the ground in the dense bushes. Everyone was relieved to have found the woman alive.  


The lady was immediately rescued and entrusted to the care of the medical staff. Without the help of the search and rescue dog teams, the elderly woman would not have been found so quickly. She possibly owes her life to the furry noses.


The fire brigade, the civil defence and the search and rescue dog organisation Sardegna Rescue Dog were also involved in the mission.


We would like to thank all deployed teams for their great cooperation, which led to the search success.


Photos: A.R.C.U.S.



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