17.04.2020Postponement of the IRO World Championship 2020

Due to the Coronavirus we had to postpone or cancel several trainings, tests and also the Avalanche World Championship already. Regarding the 26th IRO World Championship, which was planned to take place in September 2020, we discussed the situation with the hosting organisation CNEC and came to the mutual conclusion to cancel this year`s event. However, the IRO member organisation has directly agreed to host the World Championship 2021 in Craiova, Romania.


This decision was not easy neither for the IRO Board nor CNEC. We know how much work has already been put into the preparations for the World Championship, both by the organisers and the participating search and rescue dog teams. However, the postponement hurts not only from an organisational and sporting point of view, but also because we as IRO looked forward to seeing many familiar faces again. 


Nevertheless, this measure is necessary. Due to the current situation, it would not have been possible to maintain a correct qualification mode. Furthermore, the risk of infection of the participants would not have been acceptable for the IRO. 


Postponed is not cancelled, though.
We look forward to seeing you again at the IRO WCH 2021.


Stay healthy!