25.05.2021Heroes in action: Search for missing person after a gas explosion

On 25 May 2021, our Brazilian member organisation Corpo de Bombeiros Militar do Estado de Santa Catarina (CBMSC) received an alert that an explosion had occurred in a residential building in Florianópolis with one person reported missing.

More than 40 firefighters were deployed, tirelessly trying to contact and locate the resident buried under the rubble. Also involved in the search, was search and rescue dog handler Valdeley Marques with his Labrador Retriever Marley.

While based on information from the victim's sister, the search for the missing person was first carried out in the area of the bedroom, Marley indicated a find in the area around the kitchen. After a 14-hour mission, the woman was found at the spot located by the Labrador, in the immediate vicinity of the explosion site. Unfortunately, it was too late to help her.

Missions of this kind are physically and mentally demanding. Valdeley and Marley worked with great focus and the canine showed excellent intuition in this dramatic situation.

We thank both of them very much and express our deepest sympathy to the victim's relatives.

Photos: CBMSC

Whatsapp Image 2021 05 28 At 16 37 41 1Whatsapp Image 2021 05 28 At 16 37 42 1Whatsapp Image 2021 05 28 At 16 37 42Valdeley Marley
Whatsapp Image 2021 05 28 At 16 37 41 1
Whatsapp Image 2021 05 28 At 16 37 42 1
Whatsapp Image 2021 05 28 At 16 37 42
Valdeley Marley
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