10.03.2022Help for search and rescue dog teams in Ukraine

To support our search and rescue dog teams in Ukraine, we are joining forces to provide and transport urgently needed supplies such as dog food, equipment and medical products to the crisis areas.


The first deliveries have already arrived, but more supplies are needed to ensure that our teams can maintain their mission readiness. We need your help to continue to provide supplies.


Please donate today and support our dogs and handlers in this time of need. Every contribution counts!


100 per cent of donations go towards relief efforts to ensure the mission readiness of our Ukrainian member organisations and the care of their search and rescue dog teams.


Donations to the International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation are tax deductible in Austria.


This is how you can help

By bank transfer
Internationale Rettungshunde Organisation
Raiffeisenbank Peuerbach
IBAN: AT45 3444 2002 0000 1354
Reference: Help for search and rescue dog teams in Ukraine


Facebook donation
Donate online

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