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245.000 people are active under the umbrella of the International Rescue Dog Organisation IRO – in 115 national rescue dog organisations from 39 countries. The offer ranges from trainings to international testing events and also includes the World Championship.

As partner of the United Nations (UN) we guarantee the quality of rescue dog training so that in case of deployment nothing is left to chance and the mission-readiness of more than 2.000 certified rescue dogs worldwide is ensured.

But as charitable NGO we are depending on financial support.

For donations to support our work please use the following bank account details:

IBAN: AT45 3444 2002 0000 1354

Thank you for your support!


Why become SUPPORTER of IRO?


As SUPPORTER of IRO you effectively contribute that well trained rescue dog teams are available when accidents and catastrophes happen and people get in trouble – be it your neighbour or somebody at the other end of the world.


What do we do you with your money?
  As worldwide umbrella organisation we provide the framework that supports our numerous members in the best way through organising testing events, trainings and courses.

Hereby the offer is available to everybody: from the small dog owner to big professional teams who train for the case of emergency.

Numerous missions and success stories

Besides about 2000 national missions every year our teams are also searching for missing people on international level – after earthquakes and catastrophes. In the last years missions took place in Turkey or Algeria, in India or after the Tsunami in Fukushima. At the World Championships for rescue dogs the IRO Teams win numerous medals every year.

An overview of the manifold activities of the International Rescue Dog Organisation can be found in the IRO Annual Report:

>> Download – IRO Annual Report 2015

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