Rescue as sporty hobby

Each single dog might be a rescue dog – their good nose is native. To train with them can be done as sporty hobby: Numerous organisations and associations offer such programs.
The playful learning of the basic skills is at the same time the beginning of the “career” of each rescue dog. The highlight for sporty dogs and their teams from all over the world is the yearly rescue-dog world championship of the IRO.

Training for deployment

The top for many dog handlers is deployment for which demands are very high, though. A vast expenditure of time, mental and physical effort: Next to training under expert guidance one must also be able to train certain tasks on his own. In case of deployment a leave of absence and therefore the goodwill of the employer is needed.
Pre-conditions for a good rescue dog are strong will and confidence. Beyond, the dog must tolerate noise and sound without any problems in order to pass in extreme situations. Fitness and ability must be controlled regularly. Also health and certificate of vaccination must match.
The dog handler should not only be resilient like his dog but above all team-minded. A good dog-handler correctly estimates danger, has an intuition for the performance limit of his dog and knowshow to handle maps and compass. He or she handles with technical device and marks the spot where the dog alerted. The correct contact with authorities in the operational area is just as important
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