Int. Mission Readiness Test (MRT)
For preparation and safe-keeping of sending only highest qualified teams into international deployment, the IRO holds the so called International IRO Mission Readiness Test in rubble and area search, whose positive results are confirmed by the IRO Mission Certificate. The evaluation of the different tasks is supported by a program also used by REDOG Switzerland, AFDRU (Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit) and as well by the Austrian Red Cross.

The precondition for the participation of the Int. IRO MRT is the proof of a positive passed test of the level RH-T B (Rubble B) or RH-FL B (Area B) respectivley, according to IPO-R (International Testing Standards), judged by an FCI/IRO judge. For participants of INSARAG certified USAR Teams, a proof of the respective national standard is required.

Within the MRT practical and theoretical tasks have to be managed. The teams have to behave in the way as if they would come to a foreign country for humanitarian support which means that they have to do the compulsory registration in the country concerned, consider the local habit and be completely on their own from the arrival to the departure. They have to care for their food and emergency care and have their own equipment with them. Of course they have to have certain knowledge and possibilities for the locating on difficult positions and for the first aid of found and injured person. The shape of dog and dog handler also plays an essential role for the durance of the MRT.
The last MRT Rubble took place from November 07-13, 2016 at Tritolwerk/Eggendorf (AT). Of the 59 participating rescue dog teams, 24 did a reclassification and 35 the MRT. 35 teams completed positively.

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