The International Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO) is the worldwide representation for 116 national rescue dog organisations from 42 countries on all continents providing the frame by setting up events, activities and trainings within which its members can achieve their personal goals: from the easygoing dog owner wanting to train with his best friend to the highly specialized deployment task team wanting to practice for the case of emergency.

The rescue-dog competence

Being a professional partner of the UN who gives the directive for deployment of search and rescue dogs at big disasters, IRO not only guarantees the quality of training of them but is also able to quickly react to problems in practical experience and effectively realizes improvement. These teams have already proven themselves in numerous missions.

Live-saving with commitment

IRO with it's headquarter in Salzburg employs four persons, though relies – as many of it's member organisations as well – on the tireless dedication of voluntary staff. Financially the non profit organisation is supported by contributions from all of those who care about rescue dog work. Sincere thanks for that!
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